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Our Story

   Creating Temporary Temples  

A couple of years ago my husband gifted me a trip to go and see the sunrise on the Fall Equinox at Stonehenge. It was an unforgettable and emotional sunrise we shared at this ancient site. Quickly shifting events took us to connect with  special people, and soon we were sitting on the train, headed to Devizes. We were told that there's a so-called 'crop circle residue' where the crops were already harvested but the patterns were still visible and sensible on the field. Sitting inside the crop circle, I felt a definite shift of energy,  and it was a feeling similar to what you get when you enter a temple or a sacred site. I was fully aware of the heightened energies surrounding me. Right then and there, I understood the true meaning of "Temporary Temples", a name that was given to crop circles and consequently that I chose for my jewelry line.


After returning home I had a dream of seeing the crop circle patterns on pendants and I was asked to make them into wearable versions, so others can experience the heightened energies of these sacred patterns. Since I'm not a jeweler nor a jewelry designer, it took me a couple of years to manifest the dream and have these pieces handmade to precisely match my vision. Nevertheless, they are here now, and they are ready to share their energetically encoded wisdom with anyone who is open to receive them. 

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