The inspiration behind our jewelry line


​These large patterns of geometrical forms etched in crops with surgical precision have been invoking intrigue and a sense mystery for decades.


They appear all over the world, but most of the crop circles can be found in the fields of Southern England. The intricate geometric patterns of flattened crops, some extending hundreds of feet across, emerge overnight and the precision of their designs give reason for questioning their origins.


While there are countless theories about their creation, the elaborate formations of crop circles undeniably emanate something mysterious that may be beyond the scope of our understanding.


Many people believe that crop circles have been reported for centuries, a claim repeated in many books and websites devoted to the mystery. The modern-day crop circles however only started emerging in the 1970s, when simple circles appeared in the English countryside. The number and complexity of the circles increased dramatically, reaching a peak in the 1980s and 1990s when more and more elaborate patterns were produced, some illustrating complex mathematical equations. Even now, there are dozens of circles emerging in the crop fields each summer.


Not all crop circles are jaw-dropping, but many of them reveal intricate geometrical shapes of great complexity. Formations range from humorous to mind-boggling, from simple designs to “exquisite executions of overpoweringly intricate, profoundly original never-before-seen geometries.” Although many of them have been proven to be the work of human hands, a percentage of the crop circles and their origins still remain unsolved.


To add to the mystery, people who have visited crop circle sites often report a feeling of calmness, an altered state, or a strong sensation of energy inside the formation. Some believe that even after the crops are harvested and the circles are gone, there is an intense energy left behind.


Perhaps because of these innate energies and the fact that spiritual seekers from all over the world gather in them year after year, crop circles have been called temporary temples. Indeed, they only last a very short time – a few weeks at most, but some only a few days or hours before the crops are mowed down.


For decades this profound and mysterious phenomenon of the crop circles has continued unabated, on a large scale, completely out in the open, baffling both the scientific and spiritual community. Seekers, mathematicians, researchers, paranormalists and skeptics alike have tried to provide explanation, striving to understand the meaning and the purpose.


I am one of many who believe crop circles to be powerful and spectacular designs containing great wisdom. Their aesthetic appearance and extraordinary construction inspired me to create our captivating jewelry line: Temporary Temples.